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Ready to take your editing game to the next level?


"I signed up for classes with Bree as I was drawn to the images she was posting on Instagram. They stood out to me and when I was looking at her site and saw she offered classes I was in! My interest was two-fold: 1) improving my photography, which included dusting off my old Canon Rebel and getting better imagery in Lightroom using raw images; and 2) understanding Instagram and how to establish a presence. I have been very pleased after taking classes with Bree. I feel very comfortable with Lightroom and am back behind the lens taking pictures and editing them in Lightroom. She was quite patient as I was not super dextrous with my old camera and also had zero experience with Lightroom. I have improved fairly quickly. I also learned about how to gain traction on Instagram, then made those changes. I have been seeing an uptick in likes and also new followers since taking her advice and implementing it. My goal now is to keep improving my photography and to create the best content possible. Bree is a great teacher and is quite knowledgeable on both the Social Media and content creation fronts which is exactly what I was looking for.  I definitely recommend her." -Jennifer C.


I have followed Bree on Instagram for a long time.  I really enjoyed both her photography and storytelling abilities.  While my goal was not to become Insta-famous, I wanted to post better images on social media.  I am a pretty good photographer but Photoshop and Lightroom were a bit daunting.  I am not really interested in buying presets from someone though.  I asked Bree for just a class on Lightroom.  She worked with me, taking several images of mine and walking me through the editing process in Lightroom.  I like that she does not over-process images.  Bree took time to get to know me and understand what I hoped to get out of the class and then tailored the class for my desires.  I am much more comfortable with Lightroom and picked up a few good pointers for Instagram at the same time.  Bree was very personable, to the point that I felt as though I was working with a friend.  She knows what she is doing and conveys it very well.  I am very glad I took class with her. -Jim D.


Working with Bree was exactly what I needed to get back into working on my photography and editing skills to help me work towards my goal of becoming a full time content creator. She is a wealth of knowledge and working one on one with someone is so much more benefinancial than watching hours of youtube! Getting direct feedback and being able to ask questions live has helped me improve so much! I really loved that she tailored each class to exactly what I wanted to cover and not just pre determined topics, it's obvious she wants to see her student's succeed and I really did feel like I had a friend teaching me. I'd have no hesitation recommending her course to anyone who is interested in pursuing photography, instagram and/or building a brand. -Christina M.

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