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Throughout my solo travel journey, I discovered that there were individuals out there who desired to travel more and engage in new experiences like me, but they may have felt like they didn't have a partner or friends to travel with, or simply wanted to explore and connect with like-minded individuals.

That's why I recently started organizing inclusive group trips for anyone who has been longing to discover new destinations and build lifelong connections. So far, these trips have been absolutely unforgettable and I have been blessed with so many beautiful new friendships. 

If you have any ideas on where I should host my next group trip, please feel free to send an email to and let me know! It would be great to meet you here someday!

Dolomites, Italy

September 2024

$4500 double occupancy

$5000 single occupancy

(Early bird pricing $150 off)



"This trip was truly a life-changing experience. The EyeOfShe team delivered an exceptional experience. Made amazing connections and life-long friendships because of this trip for which I am truly grateful for.”

- Karan Ghorpade @karan_ghorpade10

"Bree’s group trip was so AMAZING! The entire group and everything was so well put together and planned out. Going to Italy and exploring the Dolomites was always a dream of mine. I am so grateful that I got to share my experience there with amazing humans."

-Danielle M. Cecconi @dannycecconi

"Amazing. The hardest part about a group of people doing something together will always be anticipating the group dynamics. You and team absolutely nailed this! If you told me that the 14 of us would go seamlessly from strangers to family inside of a week, I would have never believed it. There will always be little bumps or carsickness curves on the road, not enough magic blue gas water in the tank, missed flights, and all the rest, but it only adds to the magic of the adventure when you get to share it with a truly special group of humans!"

-Peter Botticelli @peterbotticelli

"Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Well done!"

-Vishal Shah

"The team did well to plan everything and communicate with everyone. Amazing job! Truly an effortless guest experience from start to finish!"

-Neptune Bangdel @neptunebangdelphotography


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