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The Cathedral Hostel, La Paz

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Heading from Copacabana to La Paz was a bizarre one. It was the first time we've ever experienced a full size bus cross water via tug boat. Some stayed on the bus on the boat, but we scurried off and followed other locals to a different boat. The ride was short and after we were back on the bus and rode the 3 hours towards La Paz.

A few days before, on a hunt for a hostel, we came across The Cathedral, a cute new hostel with awesome reviews. I sent them an email reaching out for more information and received the kindest email back from a gentleman named Flavio, welcoming us. During the bus ride there, I started feeling a bit off, and by the time we arrived to the hostel, I was full blown ill with food poisoning. Flavio was incredibly warm and brought us to our room, and sent me coca tea to drink. A few days later, after I was feeling a bit back to normal, he brought José and I on a trek through the Valle de Animas and continued to show us hospitality throughout our stay. He was always one call away.

Now to the hostel! Can't tell you how many times i've been mid-shampoo when the hostel showers turned to ice cubes. Hot showers, warm rooms, Netflix, and a fully-equipped kitchen, was what sold us on this place. The exterior of the hostel is unassuming and locked by a high door that has to be buzzed, in order for you to enter, which immediately made us feel safe. The pathway to the front door is lined with a cute little garden and when you enter, the hostel is clean and airy. Down the hall, you'll find the kitchen and to it's left, a living room with a huge TV and a comfy couch. Through the kitchen is a door to an enclosed patio, beautifully decorated, with another kitchen towards the back. During our stay, we only met the friendliest of people, shared the kitchen with them, listened to music, and chatted through dinners. In the morning, they offered fresh bread, jam, butter, fruit, coffee, and tea; everything to get you by if you have no breakfast ready.

View from Our Room

Honestly, the vibes of this place were unbeatable, and made our time in La Paz that much more memorable. Next time you head to La Paz, look no further than The Cathedral Hostel.

Top of Pico Austria. We were able to go with a guide Flavio recommended.



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