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West Coast Road Trip with JUCY Rentals!

Updated: May 15, 2020

After a year and a half of traveling full-time, we’ve realized that the funnest way to do so is by car. The freedom you get by being able to stop whenever you want, to take detours if something new pops up, and to sleep in places that you wouldn’t otherwise are a great way to experience new places.

Recently we wrapped up a roadtrip from Los Angeles, CA to Vancouver, Canada. We had always wanted to see the west coast, and never had, so here was our chance. For this trip we used a camper from Jucy Rentals. We didn’t just want a normal car to drive around. We wanted a car equipped to be lived out of.

That means we had a “bedroom” above the car, a kitchen in the trunk, and a workspace in the backseat. It was incredibly functional, and we were able to drive, explore places, cook, work, and sleep out of our mobile home/office. Jucy's Trailblazer truly gave us everything we could've asked for and more.

We had tried out the camper route before, during a two week trip down Patagonia and we instantly fell in love with the way we traveled. We created the stops and were able to go to places that weren’t popular or that didn’t have bus routes or tours set up. This was a huge advantage. There’s something really cool about exploring new places that haven’t exploded all over the internet already.

One tip that I would give when doing a trip like this, is to give yourself more time than you think for the journey. It’s crazy how fast time flies, and nothing is worse than having to rush from location to location. Get those extra days, and then you have the flexibility to sleep in, or repeat vistas when the weather didn’t look the way you hoped.

All in all, it was an amazing three week trip that we wished had been longer, and can’t wait to do something like this again in the near future.

Interested in embarking on a trip with JUCY Rentals? Use the code INSTA10 for 10% off your booking. Thanks for reading!



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