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Campervan Trippin' through Utah with Lost Campers USA

Utah was one of those states we held off visiting until the winter time for two reasons. One, traveling in colder months means less tourism, and two, we've seen photos of the incredible desert landscapes blanketed in snow and had to see them for ourselves. We had done a couple of camper trips in the past and it quickly became our favorite way to travel and explore. So for this trip we linked up with Lost Campers. They have a base in Salt Lake City which made it perfectly convenient to fly into the city and pick up the car right away.

We spent 10 days catching sunrises and sunsets through the most diverse landscapes. We started off by hitting the Bonneville Salt Flats on our first evening and enjoying the next morning at the Diamond Fork Hot Springs. The benefit of a campervan is the flexibility it gives you. We decided where to go on a day to day basis and found free campsites and rest areas to sleep and relax between the scenic stops. The fact that the whole back area behind the driver seat turns into a bed (with a mattress) meant that we were comfortable from the moment we parked.

Utah has so many diverse landscapes that it was tough narrowing down our list!

However some of the highlights included Monument Valley, and the National Parks: Canyonlands, Arches, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. Luckily we had great weather for the majority of the trip, which meant early wake up calls, plenty of coffee, and amazing photos. Doing this trip in the winter meant dealing with less tourists and catching snow against some amazing backdrops, so we were stoked to visit in December.

Something I recommend when doing a trip like this is to give yourself more days than you think you need. You can always plan the trip down to the hour before it starts, but being able to spend a second day at a location you loved, or needing to return somewhere due to bad weather can really change the whole experience. Just want to thank Lost Campers one more time for the killer road trip! They were super helpful from the get-go and the car was perfect for our needs. Take 5% off the daily rate when you use the code EYEOFSHE upon checkout.

Thanks for reading! :)



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