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Curious to see how I edit using my presets?

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The presets are designed to enhance your photos and wow your friends and audiences. Perfect for all sorts of imagery, from portraits to cityscapes, to mountains and beaches. Easily edit your photos and keep your grid cohesive and dreamy! Use them as a base to edit your photos to your exact liking!


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Download the Free Lightroom App and watch the magic of these presets change your images! *Best results on RAW photos.* 




-PDF Installation for the Mobile App


User Friendly, Easy to Use, Lightroom Presets to help you achieve better imagery for your blog or business. These were designed for Lightroom Mobile to have consistency when editing. 


*You only need the Lightroom App on your Phone/iPad (iPhone or Android)


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WEBSITE: www.eyeofshe.com

EMAIL: info [a] eyeofshe.com


*Please note: If presets are stolen or re-sold, legal action will be taken.*

-Refunds are not available-

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